Project Introduction

Topics: General Discussion
Mar 22, 2007 at 6:04 PM
Welcome to the patterns & practices Design for Operations Project.

This project began several months ago with a focus on improving manageability of line of business applications on the Microsoft platform. To do this we started with a mission to improve the architect and developer awareness of the needs of the IT Professional.

We started with some low hanging fruit and developed the Manageability Extensions for Enterprise Library. These extension were released on GotDotNet and later migrated to the Enterprise Library project on CodePlex. Those same extensions will be released as part of the upcoming Enterprise Library release due out very soon.

Next we focused on the Health Modeling scenario which led to the development of the Visual Studio Management Model Designer (VSMMD). A primary design goal in addressing the scenario is to provide the appropriate tooling for the intended role in the application lifecycle. The VSMMD is intended for the architect and developer roles primarily.

The VSMMD is used to model an application in terms that make sense to operations. In doing so influence the architect and developer to think in terms of operations when modeling application health and associated instrumentation. This initial release on CodePlex is our first community exposure of our direction and thinking.

Lastly is the Management Guide deliverable. It’s the first draft of a guide intended to be consumed by many roles in the application lifecycle. Guides intended for multiple audiences are always a challenge to write and more importantly organize. Our initial focus has been to present the relevant information in a single source and address the organizational details later.

We welcome your feedback.