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Exactly what is the Managed Entity Property IISApplicationName

Topics: Health Modeling, Instrumentation, Management Pack, TSMMD
Sep 5, 2008 at 8:00 PM
I have searched though the documentation and I am unsure exactly which name should be entered into this parameter, it seems this is important for the discovery of the instrumentation bu the monitoring tool. For example I want to host serveral WCF services in IIS. Do I have to choose the "Web Site Name"? Are we restricted to modeling by web site or can I set up an application in that web site and use the Application name displayed on the properties page in the IIS console? Is this even the correct value or is it the value of the virtual directory? Your tool has validation rules for example no "." or spaces but IIS does not care about either of these rules so i am unsure if either of these are the corect values. If it is the application name then i am curous why we need these rules.
I have the same question about the ServiceName. If I host multiple WCF services in a windows service can i only enter the name of the service or can i model each service separately, and if i do what exactly is the ServiceName for each managed entity?